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Bear Divide Hotshots

Bear Divide Hotshots

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Bear Divide Hotshots
21501 N Sand Canyon Road
Santa Clarita, California  91387

Superintendent:  Mike Alarid

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Bear Divide History

The Crew started in the build up years of the early 1970's. It was started in 1974 as a 10 person flight crew in conjunction with a 10 person flight crew on the Valyermo district. In 1975 it was made a 20 person crew and the first superintendent was Mike Dougherty.

Bear Divide was one of 6 hotshot crews on the Angeles National Forest.

Mike's tenure as superintendent was 1975-1979.

The Bear Divide Station was built in the late 1960's and was constructed with a 12 person barracks, kitchen and 4 bay garages. In 1975 the barracks was added on to house a total of 25 personnel. During the early 1970's the station also was home to two, seven person engine modules. One engine module was cut in 1976.

In 1980 Bear Divide got a new superintendent, Richard McCombs, who stayed in the job until 1982.

In 1982 David Conklin became superintendent and stayed in the job until 1999.

In the mid 1980's the Station was added on to again to make a large weight room/training room, storage room and to add additional restrooms/showers.

Mike Alarid was promoted into the superintendents job in 2000 and is currently still in place.

The station is located on the now called Los Angeles River Ranger District on the Angeles Nation Forest or what used to be the Tujunga District. Bear Divide is nestled on the Santa Clara Divide separating Santa Clarita and the LA Basin. It's location is prime for initial attack throughout the fire season.

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