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Geographic Areas Map

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A wildland fire is initially managed by the local agency that has fire protection responsibility for that area. Engines, ground crews, smokejumpers, helicopters with water buckets, and airtankers may all be used for initial suppression. Various local agencies may work together, sharing personnel and equipment, to fight new fires and those that escape initial action.

If a wildland fire grows to the point where local personnel and equipment are not enough, the responsible agency contacts the Geographic Area Coordination Center (GACC) for help. The GACC will locate and dispatch additional firefighters and support personnel throughout the geographic area.

When GACCs can no longer meet the requests because they are supporting multiple incidents, or when GACCs are competing for resources, the request for equipment and supplies are referred to the National Interagency Coordination Center, at Boise, Idaho (Link to NIFC Tour).

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